Akimomo Pop Mart A Pop-Toy Collector’s Utopia

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Akimomo Pop Mart is one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing collectibles pop-toy manufacturers. Avid pop-toy collectors can find an amazing range of licensed pop-toys, with new designs being launched weekly. Popular brands and collectibles are Disney Princesses, Frozen characters, Mickey Mouse, Warner Bros, Harry Potter and the lovable Universal Studios Minions.

The business has collaborated with well-known designers like Kenny, Pucky, and Kasing Lung to create several fan favourites. We urge you to come explore and fall in love with Akimomo Pop Mart's vast and ever-expanding collection of collectible pop-toy figurines, including Molly, Pucky, Dimoo, Labubu, Bobo & Coco, and many more.

Pop Mart has a dominant position in Australia's multibillion-dollar toy sector. It contributes up to  8.5 % of the country's toy sales revenue, owns 85 Intellectual Properties (IPs), and sponsors toy conferences that garners over tens of thousands of millennials every year.

Blind boxes, or more commonly described as packed collectible figurines, are frequently sold from Akimomo Pop Mart's 825 retail centers toy dispensers known as roboshops. Although the vinyl figures are only a few inches tall and cost less than $10, they have sparked a multi-million dollar business.

Since their initial success, Akimomo Pop Mart has begun to explore new business areas. These include scouting global artists, managing intellectual property, consumer relations, and toy culture promotion. Through their endeavours, Akimomo Pop Mart has established a highly interactive relationship with their collaborating artists, fans, and suppliers while creating an evolving toy eco-system characterized by an IP-oriented, full-chain, one-stop toy platform.

Pop Mart also maintains a careful check on the overall number of goods and the regularity with which new ones are introduced in order to avoid overexposure and ensure that their products stay sought-after and collections remain distinctive and valuable in the eyes of their owners.

Introduction of Akimomo Pop Mart

Five years after Molly the doll's first success, Akimomo Pop Mart has established an extensive and complete company that includes IP management, supply chains, and sales, resulting in the creation of an ecosystem of trendy toys envisioned by its inventor.

According to Wang, the company has to seek out more talented artists and high-quality designs, as well as upgrade and improve its intellectual-property operations, in order to extend the life cycles of its goods. Meanwhile, he emphasises the need of extending sales channels and international markets to efficiently connect with more people and create stronger bonds with them. Another objective of Akimomo Pop Mart is to diversify its products and services to give fans a unique experience from other competitors

According to Wang, Pop Mart is still in its early stages, and he is ready to face the hurdles of hiring people and integrating the firm's industrial chains to achieve these objectives.

Many shopping malls eagerly seek out Akimomo Pop Mart's IP license so that they could put on their own toy displays to boost foot traffic. These offerings increased the firm's IP authorization fees while simultaneously increasing the exposure of its own products. Currently, Pop Mart is improving its IP management companies in order to generate more IP-related revenue.

Akimomo Pop Mart launched the country's first toy-themed social-networking and e-commerce app in 2016, delivering toy news and artist interviews, hosting forums for toy fans to meet like-minded people, and allowing its users to show off their personal toy collections. Akimomo Pop Mart’s membership area also provides promotional information as well as opportunities to attend special events and purchase limited-edition collectibles, while members also supply essential data and feedback to the company.

Pucky Space Babies X Pop Mart

Pucky was raised between two cultures, having spent her youth in Hong Kong and Canada, which encouraged her to artistically investigate the importance of cultural identity and the meaning of belonging. After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2008, she returned to Hong Kong where she now works as a freelance designer and illustrator and founded the brand "Pookie."

Pucky's art is both lovely and melancholy, demonstrating an integrated equilibrium in which opposites such as good and evil, or love and dread, coexist harmoniously and elegantly. She finds her inspiration by the world's wonders and secrets, and her drawings are heavily influenced by the beauty of the world’s history, science, and romance.

Pop Mart Labubu Blind Box

Labubu's Camping Series are 12 standard figures in the Camping Series and a mystery edition figurine. The Ideal Gift for a young boy or girl: A fantastic blind box toy present for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's Day.

Join the joyful monsters on their camping excursion, where they will be canoeing, fishing, and doing a variety of other enjoyable things. After a long day of camping, treat yourself to some wonderful meal prepared on the camping stove by Monster.

The height of each individual figure ranges from 2.95 to 3.54 inches (7.50 cm to 9.00 cm). Measurements are done by hand so there may be slight variations in size. Akimomo Pop Mart figurines are adorable and well worth collecting. Display them in various locations across your home or in your room to show off to your family, friends, and the pop-toy collectibles community.

Pucky Blind Box - Pool Babies Series

Akimomo Pop Mart has quickly established itself as a major brand of collectible pop-toys. The Pool Babies series is based on the universe of Pucky.

There are 12 designs to collect, plus one special hidden edition. Each figure is around 3 inches tall and are Individually sold as a blind box with a random selection. This means that when ordering multiple items, there is a chance of obtaining duplicates.

Kasing Lung's Monster Patisseries Labubu series

Kasing Lung, a Chinese artist known for his emotive, eccentric, and charming figures, has collaborated with the Akimomo Pop Mart to create a series based on his character Labubu. Labubu astounds us with his wicked demeanour and jutting teeth.

To stay true to Pop Mart's fanciful universe, Kasing Lung transferred Labubu to the tangy and incredibly hungry realm of pastries as a pastry chef.

Buy Pop Mart at Akimomo

You can now order Labubu, Pucky, Harry Potter and many more pop-toys at Akimomo! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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