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POP MART, which offers blind boxes, is a market leader in China's designer toy business. The designer toy sector in China has exploded in recent years. The designer toy movement began in Hong Kong in the 1990s, according to Wang Ning, the creator of POP MART, and was inspired by Japan, South Korea, and the West in the 2000s. Given the country's robust economy, he believes the tendency is unavoidable.

What is POP MART Action Figure Toys?

POP MART describes itself as a lifestyle shopping firm with the brand ethos "MAKE SOMETHING FUN!" POP MART was founded in 2010 and sold a wide range of lifestyle products such as toys, lifestyle, digital, beauty products, and so on. However, in recent years, POP MART has uncovered Chinese young folks' unsatisfied hunger and passion for designer toys. Since then, POP MART has altered its strategy and turned its attention to the Chinese designer toy sector.

POP MART Designer Toys, also known as POP MART Art Toys, are vinyl toys and collectible developed by creatives that play on pop culture stereotypes (hip-hop, graffiti, Japanese Manga culture). Designer toy collectors in China were formerly a relatively limited society. However, things are rapidly changing. In Australia, a growing number of young adults are purchasing designer toys.

The growing designer toy sector in Australia demonstrates the admiration of art and culture among China's young adults. At the same time, they are hungry to find a sense of self. Purchasing and collecting particular types of art toys allows them to express themselves; it allows them to tell others who they are and what they appreciate.

While most designer pieces are restricted in quantity and extremely expensive, they are not available or affordable to the majority of designer toy fans in China. POP MART blind box toys in Australia have become incredibly famous in the designer toy industry as a piece of inexpensive art.

Moreover, The MEGA Collection, a high-end product line of POP MART Australia, was intended to fulfil the needs of art toy collectors, notably those who appreciate high-end art toys. POP MART has so far invested in growing the MEGA Collection to include additional characters, including the company's top IP figures like Molly, Skullpanda, Dimoo, Flabjacks, and Crybaby.

Users of POP MART Toys

In an interview this year, POP MART informed the toy record, the UK's number one designer vinyl toy blog, that at the moment, POP MART's major customer group is between 18 and 35-year-old urban white-collar employees and students; 75 % are female.

What role do blind boxes play in explaining this development?

Blind boxes were previously supplied through different channels such as toy stores and stationery stores before POP MART began working directly with designers. POP MART now provides designers with a "all-inclusive solution" that includes everything from production to marketing to distribution. Meanwhile, POP MART operates over 30 outlets in high-end retail malls across 14 Chinese cities. It also has over 200 Roboshops (automated vending machines) spread around the country.

They have played an essential role in popularizing art toys by standardizing the size and pricing of art toys. At a reasonable price, fans may get something artistic, stylish, and collectible. Roboshops and brick-and-mortar stores supplement this by providing customers with an excellent purchasing experience. We are thrilled to see an increasing number of individuals become interested in blind boxes and art toy culture.

POP MART Action Figure Art Toys Blind Box

It contains one (1) Blind Box figure from the Digimon Adventure DATA1 Collection. The figures are approximately “2” tall and come with a stand. Agumon, Tentomon, Patamon, Gomamon, and all their pre-evolutions are all conceivable.

  • MegaHouse Digimon Adventure Data Action Figures

Digimon is a Japanese media property that includes virtual pet toys, anime, manga, video games, films, and a trading card game.

Features and Details:

  • MegaHouse's official product
  • Adorable and collectable
  • Availability is limited.
  • A box set does not always include the whole collection.
  • Agumon, Patamon, Palmon, Gomamon, Botamon, and Koromon are among the characters, as are Yuramon and Tanemon, Pitchmon and Pukamon, and Tokomon and Poyomon.
  • POP MART Blind Box of Sweet Bean Animal Babies-3 PC

The Sweet Bean Animal Babies series includes 12 standard figurines and 1 hidden edition.

A Fantastic Gift for a Tiny Girl or Boy: This is a fantastic blind box toy gift for birthdays, Xmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and other special occasions.

Size of Collectible Art Toy: The height of each kawaii figurine ranges from 1.77 and 3.2 inches (4.50 cm to 8.12 cm). We measure the size by hand. Slight variations are considered usual. POP MART figures are adorable and well worth collecting. Display them in various locations across your home.

Material: PVC/ABS/Paper substance that is non-toxic, nontoxic, and odourless. The colours of the characters in the attractive adult fortunate box figure toys are vibrant and will not fade easily. The finish is smooth and of great quality.

  • POP MART Momiji Blind Box Toy Box

The Momiji Perfect Partners Series is a collection of short stories written by Momiji. There are 12 conventional figurines and 1 secret edition in the entire collection. The odds of finding a concealed figure are about one in every 144 blind boxes.

The Perfect Partners Series is a popular collectible random art toy with 12 standard figures and 1 secret edition. Smile, Beanie, Sprinkles, Bear, Piper, Skye, Uniqueenie, Bumble, Lunetta, Honey, Dazzle, and Starlet are all included in the collection.

Toy Dimensions: The height of each kawaii figurine ranges between 2.95 and 3.35 inches (7.50 cm to 8.50 cm). We measure the size by hand. Slight variations are considered usual.

Future Trends

Pop Mart presently dominates the Chinese toy market because to its integrated platform that spans the full industrial chain. According to Frost & Sullivan, the designer toy sector has grown fast in the last five years, with the entire market size expected to reach US$44.8 billion in 2024, representing a 17.7 % CAGR from 2019 to 2024.

Even Pop Mart is looking for the next "Molly" (their most popular IP). Customer trends come and go, and participants in the designer toy industry will have to constantly come up with fresh strategies to keep existing designer toy fans interested while also attracting new ones.

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