The Hidden Craftsman Spirit Behind Laura Floral Fashion Series Blind Box

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The first appearance of the Laura Floral Fashion blind box has made countless collectors go crazy. Its exquisite makeup, elegant hat, and beautiful petal skirt surprised everyone. Laura in this series is properly transformed into a fashion trender as if her appearance is a walking fashion magazine. From the fashionable fruit series to today's floral fashion series, the Laura series blind box has won a lot of praise in the circle. It also allows some young people to stop paying attention to the beauty of the product itself, but to focus on the design, craftsmanship and other elements.


TOYCITY | Behind the praise is the spirit of craftsmanship

The birth of a series of blind boxes takes six months to one year from the designer's manuscript to the final product. Let’s take the Laura Floral Fashion series as an example. In the production process of over half a year, the final presentation and restoration of the image of the flower fashion series will greatly affect the happiness of designers and craftsmen. Since there are many small accessories and delicate hair in the design of the Laura Floral Fashion series blind box, the factory will have errors when making the mould at the beginning, and the colour palette is different from the designer's original colour. Therefore, designers who have strict requirements on toy materials and design will always communicate with craftsmen in the early stages of production. The head of the company’s engineering department mentioned that during the development of the Laura Floral Fashion collection, the disassembly, mould making, and colour printing are strictly controlled in accordance with the designer’s standards and the fans’ elite aesthetic vision. However, as the Floral series products have a high positioning, a large number of pieces, and a small size, in the initial stage of the mould release, we need to continuously modify, try and install and adjust.


TOYCITY | More than 100 handmade processes

In addition, it's not just that a character changes from a flat surface to a three-dimensional. Before a Laura Floral Fashion character is born, it faces various processes in the factory, such as the colouring of Laura's star eyes. In the development process, the most difficult part of the colouring process is the colouring of Laura’s eyes. There are as many as 13 colours of star eyes, and there are many processes. The colouring process is very complicated and requires a craftsman with more than 10 years of experience to control the whole process. And the slight deviation of the machine in temperature, time, and air pressure will cause the star eye to fail to colour. The quality control of the Laura Floral Fashion series is of a high standard. More than 100 production processes, close to 40% scrap rate and multiple repairs. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the copper mould plating, the rest of the Floral Fashion series is all manual steps. For example, the Floral Laura needs to be pulled out by hand after the mould is cast.


TOYCITY | Stunning starry hat

There is no doubt that the difficulty of making the Laura Floral Fashion series is rare in the industry. However, you may not know that the most difficult one in this series is 13# black mandala. The core craftsman said, "On the whole, the full set of Laura Floral Fashion collection is very complicated. Among them, the hidden model has the most processes. The hidden starry hat is covered with gold and silver stars of different sizes. In the production process, the hat itself has 4 colours, and we need to superimpose the colour layer by layer. For example, the first layer is small silver stars; the second layer is small golden stars; the third layer is silver big stars; the fourth layer is a big golden star. After finishing these four layers of colours, in order to highlight the streamer colour of the hat, a layer of pearly light is also sprayed. So far, a starry sky hat is considered preliminary." To make Laura Floral Fashion collections are shown to everyone with the most amazing effects, designers often work overtime, repeatedly scrutinize and experiment on the colouring process, continuously improve the colour effect, and strive for excellence. You can find the whole collection of Laura Floral Fashion Series Blind Box by Toy City here in Akimomo. We provide either single random boxes or a set of 12 blind boxes so you can choose according to your needs. We also deliver to any place in Australia with $10 flat rate shipping. If you are interested in Laura Floral Fashion Series blind boxes, add them to your cart now!

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