One of the most underrated and unexpected series – Not only colorful DIMOO Aquarium from POP Mart

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DIMOO Aquarium designed by Ayan, the story is regarding a confused little boy to pursue different dreams, therefore imaging a DIMOO World. As mentioned, this design concept of the aquarium products is about DIMOO wakes up from a dream, opens his mind and makes friends, growth and accompany each other. The existence of each aquarium image is gleaming and distinctive. 

Make Something Fun!

Following the brand spirit “MAKE SOMETHING FUN!”, POP MART has always been working on finding interesting products and making them loved by fans. And that’s the mystery, fun, and immense commercial promise of Pop Mart, a fast-growing toy company. A few years ago, Wang drew inspiration from another source: one kind of vending machine in Japan. These machines dispense toys at random in little, clear canisters—quite like the red-coloured, quarters-based ones that spit out gumballs and little toys here in the States. However, I have to say “Blind boxes are so much different from what I have seen in the past!”

What are special features DIMOO AQUARIUM? 

One of the most underrated and unexpected series, remembered DIMOO’s first-time launch everyone thinks they are too ordinary similar as Min Animals, not other accessories, and feels monotonous. let's explore and reveal how exactly are!

Have you ever seen the huge DIMOO in the real world inside the aquarium, there are some photos of which DIMOO was standing inside the aquarium, must be exciting to watch it through the aquarium’s glass window.For example, the part of the Polar bear's head and legs using special thermochromic materials to design, which can transform to dark blue in cold water. Another example is the Anglerfish headlight blessed with luminous material, which becomes the brightest beam of light on the bottom of the sea.

Polar Bear and Anglerfish are the popular characters so far! After the few months launched period, the DIMOO Ac was becoming the most popular pop mart collection. People love it because of the cutest design and details, always focus on the details was the motto from POP Mart, for instance, Octopus has a huge head kind of like Little Red Riding Hood, under its check the two-foot tie-up together that was so humorous. Its top of the head has a big cute face that was looking at me every time. The Seahorse with few transparency details, on its face, has some small red dots looks so adorable.

Looking at this adorable DIMOO how come you do not love the ocean, please let us be together to protect the ocean save the environment. Everyone will make you double think about what you dump into the ocean to protect the lives of all creatures in the sea. 

The Coral with colorful hairstyle, three clownfishes hiding in its hair, which the weight is less than the Octopus, everyone knows clownfishes are favorited to hide in the Coral because they rely on each other and living under the tropical ocean, looking this cute Coral. The Turtle, looking at its back growing grass on its shell, comparing the previous collections this series was more colorful but not only colorful. The Flying fish which color looks were lighter than the photos, its back has 4 wings, apparently, the Flying fish has more details than others, especially its feet. Tips for you guys, different DIMOOs’ weights are different, I assumed the Starfish was the lightest one of my experiences. The rest of the collection is your turn to explore by yourself.

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