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What is labubu?

Labubu is a character created by Hong Kong illustrator Long Jiasheng, who was made three-dimensional by the Hong Kong toy company How2Work.

The designer of labubu

Jiasheng Long was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Belgium. When he was a child, he moved to the Netherlands with his family and came into contact with many ancient fairy legends from all over Europe. In fact, the elves are derived from the ancient legends of Northern Europe. Because they are often recorded in European literature, the locals have long regarded elves as one of their cultures. After completing his studies, Jiasheng Long has been engaged in the creation of children's picture books. Until 2015, he conceived and created his own elf character Labubu and its elf world. Each character that appears in the story has a unique image and personality. In 2011, he returned to Hong Kong and cooperated with Hong Kong toy creation brand How2work to launch a series of Art Toy works to become toy designers. He turned the fantasy characters in the paintings into trendy play, which can directly touch people's hearts and make fans get closer to the works.In 2017, Kasing Lung was in Hong Kong Harbour City. The art museum held the first Hong Kong solo exhibition "De KleurenMONSTERS (the kingdom of elves)", exhibiting more than 20 new paintings with elves as the theme, which can be used as independent works to appreciate, and they can be combined into one. Large-scale creation of hundreds of elves, and the protagonist Labubu will run through the entire painting series. Jiasheng Long is an excellent picture book artist in Europe. Later, he was invited by Howard, the principal of How2Work, to come to Hong Kong to design toys. Jiasheng Long's early works are still the traditional commercial picture book style, both in terms of colour and style, which are clearly aimed at younger readers. In subsequent creations, Jiasheng Long gradually revealed his unique personal style. The wild brushstrokes and black and white lines outline the cute and slightly evil combination-The of Monsters. Among them, Jiasheng Long's favourite Labubu and Tycoco are three-dimensionally turned into vinyl toys. Once they were launched, they immediately captured the hearts of fans. Every time they were sold, they would be sold out and even sparked a boom in speculation. Now Jiasheng Long has a large number of fans all over the world and has held many solo exhibitions. Many other players were puzzled by the popularity of Labubu and Jiasheng Long doubted the bubbles and moisture in the market and talked about fans' queues and high-priced purchases. In fact, every toy fan has had impulsive years and also has a field that makes him enthusiastic. Whether 12 inches, statues or plastic play, we are not looking for everything, but the happiness it brings us. When you face the limited item in front of you, you can still remember your original intention to like it, that's enough. Fans say "Jiasheng Long is as cute as his works". For Chinese fans, the interaction on Weibo has become a bridge between Jiasheng Long and them. A fan said, “I followed Jiasheng Long on Weibo by chance and found that he often interacts with fans, and it feels like chatting with friends. Just like his love for his wife and daughter, labubu is more than a toy. Value makes people feel very happy."

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