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We often get this question in our life “what should I choose as a birthday gift for our friends?”, many of you may don’t know that people now, especially the young generation increasingly want a series of Pucky as birthday presents.


Designer Toy has more meaning than a toy.

“Art toys standing on your desk or your cabinet when you are working, they are the longest company you ever get.” co-founder Wang Ning from Pop Mart said. In fact, art toys are toys and represent a kind of energy, which means love, healing, and caring.

Sending a pop mart art toy as a gift means you care about the person, you want to be there for him and spend time with him. Imagine how romantic it would be to give your girlfriend a series of Pucky for her birthday every year, and ten years later you might be able to help her collect the entire Pucky IP.


What is Pucky

Pucky Pool Babies is one of the most popular pop mart collections. People love pucky because it has a pair of big round eyes, wearing unique lovely hats and outfits full of whimsy, they are like a swaddling baby, quiet, beautiful, and cute.


The inspiration for Pucky

The designer of Pucky actually named Pucky, she is an illustrator and toy designer from Hong Kong, she once described herself as "a painter who oscillates between cute and scary", a seemingly casual description that is in fact a true reflection of her inner feelings and work.

Pucky is a variation of the English name Puck. Puck is an elf in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. He is naughty but kind-hearted. He likes making fun of others, but every time he does that, he also uses his power to heal others if they are injured.

She used Pucky as her pen name and brought Puck's abilities to the public through her work. Those who like Pucky should know that colourful circus costumes and clowns are two common elements in Pucky’s works. In fact, these elements are closely related to her childhood. When she was a child, she was rushing between Hong Kong and Canada. The heavy schoolwork in Hong Kong brought her endless pressure. she always dreamed of flying saucers to take her away, and the circus became a very happy place in her fantasy because she had never been there. The clown alien, an alien lost on the earth, is the basis of the above two points, and many people like it. At this year's STS, Pucky created a classic Clown Alien with planetary elements, hoping that anyone who likes it can bring it back to her hometown.

popmart pucky dream forest

In the eyes of designers, everything in life is spiritual, imagination is everywhere, and creation can make imagination full of life. For example, the lovely Bon Bon2 is a candy inspired creation. Even more powerful than this is the use of imagination to create a "dream forest world". Here is a peaceful and beautiful world, where many elves live, and there are many secrets.

Dream Forest World will take you into this wonderful world in the form of the Pucky forest series.

Buy Pop Mart x Pucky at Akimomo

Except for the cute Pucky forest series, we also have Pop Mart x Pucky Flying Babies Series, Pop Mart x Pucky Mickey Family series, Pop Mart x Pucky Milk Babies Series and Pop Mart x Pucky Sweet Babies Series. We ensure you can find a unique birthday gift for your friend at Akimomo Cuteline.

Pomart Pucky Milk Babies

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