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Designer toys, also known as Art Toys & Designer Toys, are the artistic style created by Hong Kong designer Michael Lau at the end of the last century, incorporating the concepts of designers and artists on toy sculptures, combining street trends and brands cooperation, completely separate from children's toys, and become a favorite of young people. Labubu , a very popular designer toy, is loved by many young people nowadays and is a hot wind in the fashion world. Labubu is a character with long pointed ears and small teeth, underneath its frowning brow is a pair of big eyes and a smirk that always looks evil and sneaky, but actually, it is a kind-hearted elf and they live in their world of elves. It is that Labubu can be both righteousness and evil that makes people feel its special charm. It looks like a character full of innocence, but it reflects the real world.

The popularity of Labubu

Since the launch of Labubu, there have been more than 300 versions in different shapes and sizes, all of which are extremely popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Mainland. It is often dressed up in a variety of different styles. In addition to the ever-changing colors, there are also various styles such as cool and cute styles. The cute style is different from other two-dimensional images. Labubu has a magic charm because of its little cute and dreamy features. Many fans said that they couldn't stop after having a connection with Labubu's series . Each time, they release a very small number of Labubu, which makes it has a great collection value, and every time a new version is released, it will be sold out instantly.

The father of Labubu

Elf Labubu is one of the hottest cute images at present. Many people are attracted by "Labubu's dad". The father of Labubu is Long Jiasheng( Kasing) , born in Hong Kong, but moved to the Netherlands since childhood. The Northern myths and legends in the picture and books provided Long Jiasheng inspiration for his creation of Labubu. In 2015, Kasing began to create fairy characters, which was later known as "The Monsters". The Elf Labubu comes from the Painting Atlas "Mysterious Buca". Its black and white lines and wild feature made Labubu famous together with the Elf group. He has held many exhibitions with different Labubu characters. And those exhibitions have achieved huge success. Labubu has only become popular in the past few years. The reason for Labubu’s success is not only because it has caught up with the popularity trend of fashion toys in recent years, but it is also because of Long Jiasheng's many years of artistic accumulation and daring to try.

The connection between Kaising and Labubu

"Because I like elves, I have always drawn some dreamy characters." When Kasing created Labubu, he would transfer his style and characteristics to Labubu. "In my eyes, Labubu is a child of flesh and blood, hardworking, passionate, and emotional." According to people who have met Teacher Long, he is as cute as Labubu and feels that Kasing is a talented, polite, and quietly artistic "warm person". Labubu shows that the image of the toy character and the toy creator are inseparable.

Labubu- The Monsters Series

For the monster theme , there are "the Monsters Camping Labubu", "the Monsters Patisseries Labubu", "the Monsters Carnival Labubu", "the Monsters Art Labubu" and "the Monsters Flower Elves Labubu", all of which are Mini Series Blind Box by Kasing Lung and sold in Akimomo shopping website. If you are interested in these characters, please check our website and find the products you like!

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